The Sun City @ Yanchep Local Structure Plan (LSP) establishes the development framework for 621hectore of area of land located approximately 55km north of Perth.

The subject land is bounded generally by Yanchep Beach Road in the south, the Mitchell Freeway Reserve in the east, and Marmion Avenue extension in the West.

The LSP is highly significant because it will be responsible for delivering the largest activity centre outside of the Perth CBD and is earmarked to provide the majority of the ambitious local employment commitments of the Yanchep – Two Rocks District Structure Plan.

Yanchep City Centre, and its environs, as the primary regional centre for the North-West Corridor,
will be a city for the new millennium, adapting the tested principles of traditional urban form to the
rapidly evolving needs of a modern population, recognizing that new cities must lead the way in the
pursuit of sustainable living.

Yanchep will be a healthy city built around using transit, cycling and walking as the dominant transport forms, where health, education and recreation are key social elements, and where urban structure is balanced with natural landscape and heritage values.


Covering more than 7550ha of land, the Yanchep – Two Rocks development is the largest single urban development project in Australia Overall the project is intended to accommodate 67,000 new homes for an ultimate population of 155,000 people with two important strategic activity centre for the region

With a projected 55,000 job, the project will increase the level of employment self sufficiency in the North-West Corridor and will offer high end knowledge-based employment opportunities to improve employment containment within the corridor.

The District Structure Plan (DSP) offers high level strategic and outcomes based framework to guide Local Structure Plans and ensure the delivery of a world-class functional and liveable community. As the Yanchep - Two Rocks community expands, local economies develop and projections are refined, the guidance for urban development will no doubt need to be refined or re-focused in order to maintain the vision for a liveable community.

Therefore the DSP is intended as a ‘live’ document that can be regularly updated to remain relevant. The current document reflects our current understanding of issues and projections into the future and provides key directions for the first phases of development.

Our DSP has approved by Western Planning commission on 20 August 2009.


Structure plans in pdf format are made available for download and viewing.

The Structure Plan is the primary instrument to guide planning to deliver the vision and objectives. The following strategies have been formulated to ensure that the vision is properly articulated in the more fine grain elements of the urban form.

  • Sustainability
  • Community Development
  • Environment
  • Housing
Our Local Structure Plan has been approved by Council for Public Advertising on 22nd Oct 2009. Public Advertising will commence on 27 October, until 8 December.


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