Western Australia is in the midst of a dynamic shift in the structure of its State economy, due to the sustained strength of the resources sector. The North West Corridor of Perth also continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in Australia, which also creates great opportunity.

Geographically located approximately 53 kilometres from Perth CBD and strategically located between the Indian Ocean and the Yanchep National Park, the new city centre of Yanchep (SunCity at Yanchep) will emerge as possibly the only sustainable Clean Green Community in a strategic regional city centre within a metropolitan area in Australia.

Taking advantage of its proximity to the coast, SunCity at Yanchep will be one of the regions most exciting sustainable developments, anchoring the North West Corridor and providing a hub of excellence for knowledge based industries. It also has potential to support the requirements of the mining and resource growth occuring in the northwest of this state.

In terms of high level strategic support, SunCity at Yanchep is party to the State Cooperation Agreement (SCA) signed between the Government of Western Australia, the City of Wanneroo, the West Australian Planning Commission and Tokyu Corporation. The project has been given rightful acknowledgement at the national level through its Major Project Facilitation (MPF) status with the Federal Government. Yanchep Beach Joint Venture (YBJV) is confident of its ability to deliver health, education and clean green energy clusters to become an affordable place where the diversity and depth of job offerings exceeds expectations.

YBJV is developing strategies through the considered and deliberate combination of urban planning, economic development, sustainability and community health and wellness. This combination will offer the best possible chance to deliver long term sustainable results as urban growth unfolds. Our strategies and actions will demonstrate the value of looking at developing the land asset from the point of view of both sustainable urban and economic development.

YBJV will seek to explore a range of job creating projects through our health, educational and energy clusters. Local employment creation will be underpinned by sustainable clean green development initiatives. Some will be immediately visible and understandable, while others will take time to incubate and mature. The challenge is clear; deal with the short and long term demands while choosing a range of low to high risk investigations all within the context of the unfolding project and city.

It is with pleasure that we present our vision for SunCity at Yanchep, with an understanding that, only through collaborative and meaningful private and public partnerships can we create a region of prosperity within the parameters of the new clean green economy.

Gin Wah Ang



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